Intentional Decisions at Work

Nurturing Emergence at Work

In this episode of the radio show Global Consciousness Jens Rinnelt and Stellan Nordahl meet with Will Van Inwagen and Tina Gattermann from Being in Systems. How can we transform the workplace from a task processing machine to a collective collaboration filled with engaged human beings? That is the main question for this dialog.

Will Van Inwagen and Tina Gattermann, together with a group of engaged people, formed a business called Being in Systems LLC. The purpose of Being in Systems is catalysing the awakening of individuals to their agency, voice, value, and generative capacity, In all aspects of their lives. It is about holding space and creating safety to enable emergent conversations. The conversations help the participants to feel, sense, and share whatever comes with an unprecedented level of depth and intimacy. What if this were true throughout the workplace, where we are all fully embodied, connected, and empowered to take inspired action. Another perspective to express this difference is to welcome and integrate the divine feminine in everyone to be present, expressive, and affirming of heart and soul, individually and collectively.

What: Nurturing Emergence – a dialog on Intentional Decisions at Work
When: Monday December 7th 19.00 hrs (CEST)
How: Live dialog broadcasted on Youtube


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